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Rehearsal Schedule 

(Outside - weather pending)


Mondays:      6pm -9pm
Tuesdays:         6pm -9 pm

Quick Links

Color Guard Guide


Is Guard part of band? 

YES! Color guard is an integral part of the Varsity Marching Band. Color Guard reports to any practice listed as:  Varsity Marching Band, 9-12 Mass Band, Guard, or Color Guard.


How does this work with class schedules? 

Students should register for 1st hour "Marching Band" class.  


Can my student be in both Varsity Color Guard and Exhibition/Concert Band? 

YES! There have been several students in the past who have participated in both ensembles! 


What if my student wants to spin in Color Guard and then play in a concert band? 

Student should register for 1st hour "Marching Band" for 1st semester. They will then move to the appropriate auditioned concert band in their schedule for 2nd semester. 


​​What are Band Boosters? 

All band parents, which includes guard, are considered Band Boosters!  The Band Boosters provide support to all of the band through chaperoning, volunteering, fundraising, and cheering!  All parents are asked to volunteer to help our band be the best it can be!  Watch for ways you can help on Facebook, Twitter, and by attending Band Booster meetings.


*Please join the Millard North Band Booster Facebook page and answer the question to be added to the group.  


*Communication is extremely important. Please email Ms. Goodman at if you will be late or unable to attend a practice as soon as possible so that staff can plan the team's use of time effectively.

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