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Events are subject to change. If times are not available yet, it probably means directors have not received a schedule from the host yet. For events such as Marching Band Competitions, it is common to receive a schedule only a week or so before the event. Click here to learn how to add the calendar to your iPhone or Android Device.

How to add the MN Band Calendar to your iPhone


Select and copy this address:


On your homescreen, open “Settings”, then “Passwords & Accounts”


Tap “Add Account” then choose “Other”


Select “Add Subscribed Calendar”, paste the address you copied earlier. You do not need a User Name or Password.


Hit save. The band calendar should now show up in your “Calendars” app!

How to add the MN Band Calendar to your Android Device

This solution requires that you use the Google Calendar App on your Android Device.


On a computer – go to Make sure you are logged in with the same username as you use on your phone.


Near the bottom left side, click the plus sign on “Other Calendars” and choose “From URL”.


Paste this URL into the box that opens and choose “Add Calendar”:


The calendar is now stored in your calendar. It should be reflected on your phone within 12 hours.

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