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Student Resources

Google Classroom

Google Classroom is where you will find all relevant recordings, all important documents you may need, and most playing assessments or auditions. Students will need to be logged into their Millard email account, then "enroll" in the class in Google Classroom. See a director if you need help enrolling.

Letter Points Form

This is the form for lettering in the Millard North Band. Students are responsible for monitoring what activities they've completed that are worth lettering points. The directors will announce in class when this form is due - usually late April or early May.

Band Handbook

Color Guard Guide


This music publishing company has recordings of most music performed in band class.

All-State Audition Etudes & Excerpts

This will take you to the All-State Website, where students can download and print all necessary scales, and excerpts to audition for All-State. Etudes this year are NEW and are pulled from etude books which can be purchased from Dietze Music. You may also ask a director for more info.

UNL Winter Festival for Winds & Percussion

This is the link for the UNL Honor Band.

UNO Honor Band

This is the link for the UNO Honor Band.

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